Every day for a year (if I'm lucky)

After in-between time. I know I will die from cancer.

After a remarkable visit to India to see my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids, I am told the cancer has returned. The cancer is systemic; therefore, it is terminal. I know cancer will cause my death. There are treatments to extend my life, some of which will offer me a quality of life, in which I can travel to visit my family and friends. I can ride my bike, hike, swim, and cook my own food! 

I know I will live on some kind treatment for the rest of my life. These treatments will keep me living long enough to have a few good years- if I’m lucky.


Day 57 EDFAY View from North Pack looking south May 10 2018.jpg
Day 57 EDFAY Cliff trail again! May 10 2018.jpg
Day 65 EDFAY May 18 2018 love after my pet scan.jpg
Day 63 EDFAY Project Cancer is back May 16 2018.jpg
Day 67 EDFAY Project May 20 2018 finally back in my garden weeding.jpg
Day 54 EDFAY First Bike ride since surgery & chemo May 8 2018.jpg
Day 35 EDFAY Playing in the pool in Goa! April 21 2018.jpg