Every day for a year (if I'm lucky)

In- between time

As I regained strength, I felt my vibrancy begin to peek through. No longer dulled by the medications to treat the cancer or the medications to treat the side effects of chemotherapy, I was sharper, more focused. I was very uneasy, yet extremely excited about the possibilities inherent in my newly regained good health. And, I was acutely aware that at any moment this could change. I was learning to become comfortable living on both sides of the fence. Living with an eye to future, trying to make plans again and being as present as possible in my life- right now.

This is In-between time.

Now my cancer is terminal. All time has become- now. There will be no more in-between time. There will only be joyous, loving time until the end.

Day 42 EDFAY Becca in Leepakshi Hindupur Andra Pradesh April 28 2018.jpg
Day 22, EDFAY Aria in my bed April 7 2018.jpg
Day 34 EDFAY Going to Goa with Eshan & Becca April 19 2018.jpg
Day 31 EDFAY Playing in thr pool at Kabini:Serai April 16, 2018.jpg
Day 39 EDFAY Me & Becca Love April 25 2018.jpg
Day 28 EDFAY Folling around with Aria & Eshan April 13 2018.jpg
Day 50 EDFAY Cliff Trail Pack Monadnock May 5 2018.jpg
Day 1, March 16th 2018 Everyday for a Year Horse trail Kennebunk Maine.jpg