Every day for a year (if I'm lucky)

Ok. This is how it is...

Now is generally not a good time

Now is generally not a good time. Think about. It’s usually the time to slow down and take stock, not a time to go rushing into anything…

Nonetheless I’m a now person. Why wait? What’s the hold up, go get ‘em girl is what I say. Let’s do this thing. Let’s go!

Perhaps this comes from years of racing triathlons with cold, shot-gun starts- GO!

Or being a single mother. I was always ready and replete with contingency plans- there was no other parent, not even a part-time dad until Dave came along. 

Mostly I think this comes from being me. I don’t like to miss anything. Like a child I want to hear everything out of ear shot. I want to see everything I’m not supposed to see. I want to do everything that can’t be done. (I don’t believe in impossible it’s too risky) I want to pack my life full of experience of all kinds. Never missing a new idea, a new thought, a new feeling, a new way, a new place to go- territory unknown. Explore!

I am often tackling with now- now.

Now is the only time. There is no other time than now.

Now is a bridge of moments strung together.

Now is the time I have to live -moment to moment. Not missing anything. Childlike, I run into now and love and living- now is all I have left.

Now is currently a very good time.



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