Every day for a year (if I'm lucky)

What is EDFAY?

In May of 2017 I was diagnosed with MMMT cancer or gynecological carcinosarcoma. The chances of getting this cancer are 1 in a million. It’s a very aggressive cancer. Due to its rarity, there are no treatments specific to this kind of cancer. The research I have done shows that women tend to live about 3 years from diagnosis.

Somewhere between recovering from chemo and being declared cancer free I realized I was living in in between time; living with the absurd notion that death was no longer courting me and I could go back to living a life more focused on aging.

I decided to document my daily life as a way of being fully present- even if just for one moment- each and every day. This would be my meditation practice- visible.


Day 28 EDFAY Playing with Aria & Eshan April 13, 2018.jpg